How To Order

Get great service and convenience when you pre-order! 

Pre-order purchases:
1. You will need to complete your order at least 72 hours before your flight's scheduled departure time.
2. Pre-order service is available on the most of the international flights.
3. The minimum required purchase value is $49 per order and the maximum allowable purchase value is $1000 USD per person.
4. To complete an online purchase, you will be asked to provide your flight number, date of travel and passport information.

Shopping online is so easy!
• Browse available products by selecting the ‘Categories’ from the top of the page.
• Press ‘Add to Cart’ to make your selection.
• When you are ready to purchase select the ‘Checkout’ button to complete your order.
• Log in or register for a new account and enter your Royal Jordanian flight number, date of travel, passport and payment information.
• Your order will be delivered to you on board your international flight.
• Duty Free allowances for liquor and tobacco vary by country. Please refer to Duty Free Allowances information located in the FAQ section.

The online Duty Free pre-order service is available to passengers traveling to/from the following international destinations:

• Abu Dhabi
• Algiers
• Amsterdam
• Athens
• Baghdad
• Bangkok
• Barcelona
• Basra
• Beirut
• Berlin
• Cairo
• Chicago
• Dammam
• Detroit
• Doha
• Dubai
• Erbil
• Frankfurt
• Geneva
• Hong Kong
• Istanbul
• Jeddah
• Khartoum
• Kuala Lumpur
• Kuwait
• Larnaca
• London
• Madrid
• Medina
• Montreal
• Moscow
• Munich
• Najaf
• New York
• Paris
• Riyadh
• Rome
• Sulaimaniyah
• Tel Aviv
• Tunis
• Vienna
• Zurich

*Pre-ordering of liquor is not permitted on Saudi flights.