Arak Haddad Collection


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Arak Haddad is hand crafted and produced in small batches. The first batch was released in 1953 and it is the national drink of Jordan. Arak Haddad It is distilled from the finest aniseed in the world with grape derived alcohol. The grapes are from Haddad Estates and Vineyards, on the edge of the Arabian.

This collection has 4 different Arak from the Arak Haddad Line.
Arak Haddad Crystal, the smoothest triple distilled Arak.
Arak Haddad Gold Label, the world famous national drink of Jordan.
Arak Haddad Special, the original blend which was first made in 1953.
Arak Haddad Silver Label, famous in the Mediterranean east coast.
4 x 187.5 ml.